Something to consider?


In the past,  I’ve had an all or nothing approach.  If I fail today, I better scrap the whole week and start over on Monday.  I better not eat that cookie or I may not lose as much this week.  I won’t participate in this snack day at work because I’m trying to lose weight.

I wanted to lose as much weight as possible as fast as possible.

Recently, I remembered that I used to track my weight on this website called  I logged back into and was pleasantly surprised to see that I had lost 20lbs since November of 2008.  It got me thinking. . .if I lost 10lbs a year for 10yrs. . .I’d be 100lbs lighter by the time I’m 40.

Now clearly, I want to lose more than 10lbs in a year.  That being said, I’m done obsessing over every bite.  Sure, I would lose plenty of weight (not to mention much faster) if I skip cookies all together and I avoid parties and snack days.  Great. . . .but I know that I can’t give those things up forever. . .I just can’t.

I am going to have days where I don’t eat perfectly.  . .heck, I’ve had weeks since I started this (and it’s only been 12 weeks!) that I haven’t been so committed.  

 6 good days +  1 bad day beats 7 bad days.

In the past, I have cut out all ‘bad foods’ and exercised religiously.  I lost weight!  Shocker!  After denying myself all those ‘bad foods’ for so long,  I caved. . and then felt guilty. .and then ate and ate and ate and ate and gained all that weight back.

It is my hope that having a more relaxed approach will give me more time to make these changes stick.  Also, I am hoping it will teach me to have the proper attitude towards food.  Well, what I think is the proper attitude.  . . .That no food is good or bad . .just some foods deserve to be eaten on a regular basis and others need to be sprinkled in.

This is just my approach.  I’m just trying to learn from my past attempts at weight loss.


****** is a free site.   Basically I just put my weight in it every so often.  I just like seeing the graph.   



One Response to “Something to consider?”

  1. Tori said

    Awesome way to look at it!!!

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