First day of Spring!


The weekend is just about over.    Are you feeling triumphant?  Or like you are fighting a losing battle?   I wanted to make a point to post today.  I’m in a weird little slump.  I’m no where near defeated but I have had 3 ho-hum days.  . and honestly one of them was downright BLAH!  I will spare you the yummy details. . . .I’m sure you have cravings all your own without getting a mental picture of mine!

So what good can I take from it?  Well,  I had some of my favorites.  I don’t feel like I overly indulged in any of them which is good.   I just didn’t keep track of points. . which almost makes me feel like the week is a wash.  How can I tell how many ‘bonus’ points I have left?!?  My solution is to assume that I ate all those bonus points and just do my daily allowance.

What can I say?  One night, a dinner date with my husband and no kids?   Another night, dinner with my parents at one of my favorite restaurants?  These weekends are gonna happen, folks!

The nice thing about having several of my favorites is that I don’t have a craving for them.  I’m sure they will creep back in . .but for now the nice healthier fare is calling me! 

Now I have three days before my weigh-in and I intend to diligently keep track of my points.  Plus I need to get in some exercising!  I’m not expecting the whopping 3.5lb loss like last week.  I’ll be happy with 1/2 a pound gone.  I suppose I’d even be happy with no loss at all.  And I will survive if there is a gain. . . .

AND last but certainly not least. . . It’s Spring!!!  Officially!!   I’m ready for some walks around the block!  I want to throw open some windows and catch a cool breeze!  I want all kinds of fresh produce to fill the grocery stores and farm markets and the gardens!  I’m even looking forward to planting some flowers!

So whether you are going strong or feeling guilty,  the weekend is only two days out of seven.  Make the start of this week strong so that if you have a little hiccup next weekend you can look back and say “But I ROCKED all week! I’m awesome!”

I am hoping to do a giveaway in the next few weeks.  A free random drawing where one of my readers will win my favorite walking DVD.    Coming soon!!

Also if you scroll down some . . .there is an option to leave me a little comment.  It excites me to no end and I announce to my husband that someone is actually reading what I write!!

There is also an option to subscribe to this blog so you won’t miss one!

Thanks for reading!!


2 Responses to “First day of Spring!”

  1. Jason Kummer said

    Thank you for the encouragement!! You have inspired me to start tomorrow!

  2. Mom said

    I believe in you 🙂

    You can do what ever you put your mind too.
    I love You Mom

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