Bit of a Lull


I’m having a bit of a lull today.   Tomorrow is my weigh-in day and while I anticipate a loss. . .I still just feel like eating. . and EATING!

I think it’s a combination of things.  For one, I’ve had an off-and-on headache for the last three days.  I just need a good nights sleep (if I could just get my mind to shut off).

Second,  our little household is going through some changes.  Good ones, I think . .but still stressful.  My sweet little boy started preschool today!  My little girl has such an outgoing personality that I felt next to no apprehensions about letting her out of my care.  My son is non-verbal and well, it makes me much more anxious!

Since tomorrow is my weigh in, it gives me a clean slate. . .points wise.  So I hope to have a really strong week this time around.    Hopefully, a combination of strong weeks and poor weaks and decent weeks will send me in the right direction.



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