Sluggish re-start


Yesterday, I reset my WW.

Today is an entirely different story.  The best thing I can say about today is that when I felt full, I stopped eating.

My 5 year old had a dentist appointment at 9am.  She needed to be  put under anesthesia for some extensive dental work.  I have been stressing about her appointment for weeks now.  It didn’t help that we need to spend the night before away from home.  It didn’t help that the dentist office didn’t take her for nearly 2 hours.  It didn’t help that she had 2 hours of actual work done.  And it didn’t help that we had to sit for another hour while she recovered.

I definitely was not thinking about being healthy.  My husband asked what I wanted for lunch (which BTW, we ate in the dentist office).  I said I didn’t care (and I really didn’t).  Of course, he said he wanted his favorite. . .a hot dog place.  Need I say more???  The best thing I can say about today is that when I felt full, I trashed my lunch.  Instead of eating it because it was there and I was bored, I was able to say ENOUGH.

Hot dogs are clearly junk food and I don’t think they have much nutrional value to them.  A hot dog and bun on WW is about 6pts so it’s not like I demolished a weeks worth of points in one sitting.  It just feels like I did.

Our house is a mess.  My daughter is groggy and crabby.  My son wants to run and play.  My husband is also a bit groggy and crabby (having the same day I had).  My knee is still bothering me.

This appointment (and the bill) has been on my mind so it will be nice to wake up and have it behind us.   I will be happy when we are all tucked in for the night. 

I will say that I am glad my mind has really embraced that this weight loss is going to take the rest of my life to achieve and maintain.  It allows me to say that today was just one of  ‘those days’ and that I’m nowhere near defeated.


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