Still trying!


So much for blogging every day!

I’m still here though.  I’m still working at it.

I get mental blocks about things.  I think about something a certain way and I just can’t get around it.

Right now my block is the week versus day-by-day. 

I can have really strong days.  Days where I eat on target and get in plenty of good exercise. .and then weaker days where I eat a little more than I should (but still less than I would if I wasn’t trying) and no exercise.  Those weaker days seem to just erase my strong days.  My body still appreciates the strong days, but my mind thinks the whole week was a flop.

I’m considering switching from WW to sparkpeople or myfitnesspal.  Since WW has a weekly allowance built in, I really can’t think of it as individual days.  The weekly weigh in also reinforces the week as a whole.  I weigh myself every day. 

Not to mention those other programs are free!

•(♥).•*´¨`*•♥•(★)    On a Brighter Note    (★)•♥•*´¨`*•.(♥)•

It’s been about 4 months that I have been working at this.  There have been several and I mean SEVERAL weeks where I didn’t try at all. .one of those being a week long all you can eat, lazy as can be cruise!

I’ve lost 15lbs.  I can see little changes in my body.  I can buy slightly smaller clothes. . mostly tshirts and dresses. 

I know 15lbs in 4 months doesn’t seem very exciting, but up until now I’ve been pretty content with it.  I want the scale to keep going down. .even if it is slowly.  If that rate of loss carries on for the year, I’ll have lost 45lbs this year and that’s nothing to sneeze at!!

I’m just so happy that I haven’t thrown the towel in.  I’m going to keep at this.  I just need to keep reevaluating. See what works with my day to day, with my mental attitude.  See what doesn’t. .and make adjustments.


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