Plan Plan Plan


What’s that quote “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail”?? That fits me to a T! In the 5 months that I have been doing WW (off and on and kinda off and kinda on), I have found that I need to plan. When I wake up in the morning, I need to have a good idea of at least one of my meals. Even better, when I plan all my meals and leave my snacks open.

I started a new work schedule this week and like my other schedule, it was planned to fit my family. I find the hours kind of odd, but somehow completely reasonable. They are permitting me to be home when my kids wake up (which is important to my little son). They allow me to get my kids off to school ever day and see them home on most others.

However, I end up eating dinner at work. Or not eating, as the case was this week. For some reason, I convinced myself that if I snacked on pretzels (counted out in portions!) that I would be set for the day if I ate a decent lunch. WRONG! Come 9 pm I am hungry and even worse TIRED after working! Hungry and tired can only lead to one thing. . .FAST FOOD!

That being said, I am 4 days through my WW week and I have dipped in Weekly Allowance points by 16. I have 33 left. All considered, that’s not bad at all. What troubles me is how close I was to just throwing in the towel for the week.

Friday night, I convinced myself to stop at Arby’s for a Roast Chicken Club (no cheese, no bacon = 10 pts). Then I thought well I’m already going over, why not throw in some mozzerrella sticks (another 12 pts!!). Then I thought “If I’m going to do that, I may as well go all out!!” meaning 2 hot dogs (9pts each!!!) and maybe some fried apps from Sheetz (goodness only knows how many points that is and I’m not about to calcualte!!)

In the end, I came home and made a little bowl of pasta (elbows with a few chopped green olives, onion, parm cheese, and light italian dressing). It’s my version of pasta salad. Normally, I add chick peas for protein, but since I was trying to keep my points down I left them out. I ended up using 7 pts!

The lesson here is that I need to plan, . and plan. .and plan. I need to consider what my day involves. I need to consider what keeps me full and just kills a craving. I need to find more things that do both!

Three more days until this week is over and I’m feeling optimistic (shocker!).

Exciting note. . .typically on my work days I don’t exercise. I like to say that the hike from the parking lot into my work is enough exercise as it is. Truth be told, I would be completely out of breath by the time I reached my car. Lately, I find myself wanting to break into a sprint!

Yesterday, I decided to walk to Rite Aid instead of driving over. I wasn’t buying much and I didn’t have the kids. Using my Walk Watch app, one way to the store measured 1/2 mile. So I was pleased to fit a mile in, when normally I wouldn’t have.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


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