Apathy is the word of the day


Is it ignorance or apathy? Hey, I don’t know and I don’t care.
Jimmy Buffett

Noun: Lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern.

Perhaps it is the slightly cool temperature. Or yet another change to our weekly routine. But I am feeling completely apathetic to this day. I don’t feel like doing anything on my list. I don’t feel like counting my points or planning my feels. I also don’t feel like eating particularly bad, either. And I really don’t feel like exercising.

I’m giving myself 10 minutes to finish writing this and then I am forcing myself to do SOMETHING. . ANYTHING. .so that later this evening I won’t look back on this day and call it a waste. After tonight, I have 3 days of home and I think that’s where my focus lies. I just want the next 12 hours to pass so that I can truly concentrate on the things I want to get done.

Another reason, my WW meeting has been cancelled for the week. I certainly didn’t take this as a free pass. I’ve counted my points and exercised faithfully. The scales don’t seem to be responding. .I’m not overly concerned as last week was a big loss and the week before was small. I decided that I am paying for the meeting so I need to do my best to find another meeting.

Well, I have 3 minutes until I am forcing myself to do something productive!

Hopefully I wake up tomorrow ready to cross plenty of things of my list!


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