repeat . .been here before!


I wish I had a good report . .full of exercise and healthy eating. . .but that is not the case.    The problem is all in my head, I’m sure of it.  Once I get it straightened out, I’ll be back on track. 

It’s an odd combination of issues.  The first is this darn evening shift.  I find myself eating out for lunch on my way to work. . .and then eating a reasonable dinner at work . .and then being hungry when I’m done working.   Clearly, I need to eat a better lunch.   More bang for my points and maybe keep myself from going over.  I think going over unintentionally sets the tone for the remainder of my week.

The second issue is I haven’t been planning my meals.  I know I posted about it before, but it’s absolutely true!  If I can map out my food for the day,  I am able to stay with the plan give or take a few weekly points.  If I don’t map out my food, anything goes.  Today for example I tentantively planned Subway for lunch and some grilled chicken/corn on the cob/baby baked potatoes for dinner.  A lunch invitation popped up and without much thought I’m off plan . . enjoying some delicious pot roast with gravy covered french fries!  And since I have no idea how many points that was. . .I just ate and ate and ate the rest of today.

I’m not wallowing in guilt over here. . .but I do want to get this train back on track.  I want to make progress!!

The third (and possibly hardest to explain) issue is excitement.   I’ve dropped 2 dress sizes and maybe almost a third depending on the cut of the dress.  I am just about down 2 jean sizes as well (meaning I can get them on and buttoned and just a little too snug for my liking).  I’m at the point where my old clothes look ridiculous.  While I don’t want to fill my wardrobe with this ‘new’ size,  I need something!  So I am really REALLY into shopping.  It has somehow taken the focus off what I’m working towards.  You would think it would just spur me on . .to want to see the next size down.  .and it’s not even that I’m content here. . .but it still feels good.

Well, tomorrow is the last day in my WW week.  While I’ve bombed the first 6 days (in varying degrees),   I am going to try and make tomorrow a good one.  No more of this ‘waiting and restarting next week’.

I’ve missed 2 WW meetings in a row (one was cancelled and the other I *grimace* went out for dinner).  I’m hoping that a meeting and a fresh week will set me right.

I am going to focus on planning my meals.  I am going to be reinstate the alternating beverage (bottle of water between other diet beverages).  And I need to get my exercising going! 

I’m guilty of what I’ve lectured others not to do!  I’m defeating myself with negative talk. . getting in my own way!!!  I’ve talked bad about my walking routine . .it’s getting old, my body is bored with it, blah blah blah. . .but instead of changing it up, I’ve only walked once this past week and that’s IT!   I really need to mix a new exercise in with the old standard walking. 

Well, it felt good to get this all out of my head.  I feel more confident about it.  While it feels like I’ve been floundering for weeks,  I’ve not given up and that says something.  I am fully committed to reaching and maintaining my goal weight.  It just may take a little longer than I would like.


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