My first big gain!


The best thing I can say about the gain is that I knew it was coming.  It would be much harder to deal with if I worked hard all week and it didn’t work.  I worked crazy hours last week and spent the weekend away from home.  I did have a ‘plan’ to deal with eating fast food all weekend. 

The first booboo was not saving my extra points for the weekend.  Weight Watchers is designed to allow you to have those heavy eating weekends.  You just have to save those weekly points. . .which I did NOT!

The second stumble was Starbucks.  We don’t have one at home.  Our first stop on our weekend away was Starbucks.  I didn’t even notice the ‘skinny’ menu items until after I ordered my coconut mocha frappuccino (which was heaven  in a cup!).  And after I decided to forge ahead with the drink,  I added on a piece of blueberry crumb cake (also delicious!).  That set the tone for the weekend.

On the positive note,  I did squeeze in a 30 minute walk both days we were away. 

All I can hope is that my body responds enthusiastically to being back on the program.  Perhaps, the pounds will melt off pretty fast and I can find myself back on track.

That being said, we are going away AGAIN!   And I’m also working crazy hours to compensate for the time off.   I really do not want to repeat last week.   I did some investigation work to find out what restaurants are going to be nearby.  I calculated points for things I’d like at those restaurants.  Plus the hotel has a pool and a fitness room.  I definitely have the tools I need to stay on track. 

The real challenge is eating well and exercising on the non-travel days.  One day down, 6 more to go!



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