Motivation – As Requested.


I have had so many friends comment or message me “I sure wish I had your motivation.”  Such a funny thing to say because you can’t have my motivation.  I need it!  But I thought maybe, I could give you some of your own.

First, let me say that I don’t feel like I got this weight-loss thing all figured out.  I haven’t even reached my goal weight yet.  I feel confident that I will and that I can maintain it when I do.  But I sure haven’t mastered it!

Last year this time, my knees were killing me.  Absolutely killing me.  For a few weeks, I was scooting up and down the steps. . .very inconvenient when chasing a 2 year old.  I got to thinking. . .how are my knees going to be 10 years from now?  20 years from now? 30 years from now?

That’s when I decided I had to do SOMETHING.  I had been thinking that I wasn’t really in ‘the place’ mentally where I could commit to a healthy diet and exercise.  I would just have to wait until my brain got there and THEN I would start.  Wrong, wrong, wrong!


Here are somethings to think about:

1)  You are NEVER going to be any younger than you are right now.  In that regards, it’s never going to be easier for you than it is right now. There are probably situations where this isn’t true. . mostly thinking about those fighting illnesses, but you see my point.

2.)  Your life isn’t going to slow down.  I always thought when summer comes I won’t be so busy.  When Chelsea starts school.  When Owen starts school.  On and on and on . . .but time is like money.  You spend what you have.  If suddenly your schedule clears up, you will fill it with something.  Promise.

3.)  Any effort is better than no effort.  So maybe you aren’t mentally ready to commit to a full on counting calories and weighing out your food and logging your steps.  Fine.  Cut back on the number of times you eat out.  Start substituting a low cal beverage (water!) for your half your soda intake.  Start thinking of your dinner plate in terms of zones ( 1/2 veggies 1/4 protein 1/4 starch).  I’m willing to say that one of those changes will probably impact your weight.  Perhaps seeing some results will get your brain in the right mental place!

5) Money money money.  I also thought that paying for a weight loss program was wasteful.  Investing in a healthy, longer life is not wasteful.  That being said, money is an issue.  If you can’t afford to pay for (or just don’t want to!), there are some really excellent programs that are absolutely FREE.   Google it.   Personally, the WW plans suits me.  It lets me splurge on my terms which makes me feel successful even when I hit a drive-thru.  Nice thing about WW is that once you hit your goal weight and maintain, the meetings and online tools are FREE.  I’ve come to accept that I will pay for WW as long as I need it (which will probably be my whole life).  I’m worth $20-$40 a month.

6.)  Another little roadblock for me. . I was happy overweight.  I mean, I had a great husband and beautiful kids.  Apart from the scooting myself up and down the steps,  my weight didn’t really hold me back too much.  Wrong.   I didn’t realize how my confidence was lowered carrying around the extra weight.  So sure, you might be happy . . .you could be happier 🙂

7.)  The next time you throw a roadblock in your way take a good look at it and ask yourself if it’s valid.  Look for ways around or under or over.   What you end up with might not be ideal or even perfect, but anything is better than nothing.  My biggest one is eating away from home.  I get it in my head that if I can’t count points exactly then I may as well not count them at all.  I have to make the best decisions with what I got!

I also pulled the. .”I’ll start Monday” . . .”I’ll start Janaury 1″. . .”I’ll start next grocery day” . .”I can’t start now because I have (insert fun eating opportunity) coming up”. Why wait? There are two days between today and Monday that you could be working towards your goal. There are 3 weeks betweens now and January 1! Do your best with the groceries you got, but start NOW. And that fun eating opportunity. . .those are going to pop up every where all year long! Are you going to take every chance you get to overeat and indulge? Why not start learning how to balance those days right now?

8.) And the final straw. . .If I’m eating healthy, so is my family.  Sure my husband could stuff himself silly (and sometimes he does), but now he’s stuffing himself silly with healthy food.  My kids are still super picky but I have a whole new unappreciation for fastfood.  I notice more when we sit around and do nothing.

Okay so now think about those things and when you are ready to start. . . . .

1.) Take a picture.  You don’t have to get in your underwear Biggest Loser style. I really wish I would have done this instead of having to search for a picture to use for comparison.

2.) Take your measurements.  Another thing that I didn’t do.  I don’t know that it would help me stick to it, but it would be nice to have more numbers to compare than just the scales.

3.) Let people know what you are up to.  I imagine I get quite a few eyerolls from my facebook friends.  I never shut up about it.  I’m posting stuff about my buttons or healthy recipes or my goals or exercising.  But now I’m accountable.  There was a few weeks when the scales.did.not.move and while I was frustrated, I also wanted to have something to share with my facebook supporters. So it does play a big role it sticking to it or coming back to your plan after a little detour.

4.)  Start a project (button bag, perhaps?) because I am in looooooooove with mine.

Hopefully that wasn’t too know-it-all, because I sure don’t.  These are the things I tell myself to keep myself on track. . .or get back on track. . whatever the case may be.

One last thing. 

If getting healthy or being thin is your goal. . . .there is no telling how long it will take or how many times you’ll go off track. . .but if you don’t try, you can be guaranteed that you will never reach it. 

Take care of yourself! 


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