Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day. inspired by A. A. Milne

Today marks 4 weeks of really being dedicated to the program. In total, I’ve been chipping away at it for a little over 5 months. Until a month ago, I was pretty sporadic. Counting points some days and not others. Mostly, I would allow little things to make me quit on the week.

I’m down 22 pounds all together, but about 10 of those are from the last 4 weeks. So today (and only today), I decided that I’m not counting points. My WW week starts over tomorrow anyways. I thought it would be nice to just let my brain relax.

I would expect myself to fall right into my old ways. Quickly gorging myself on whatever I’m craving and snacking without end. I actually had to remind myself that I could eat some Pringles without weighing them out first. In reality, I probably didn’t even go over my points allowance for the week. If I sat down and added it up, I may have came out okay.

Now, I know that this doesn’t mean that my battle with food is over. It does say to me that taking it slow is working. The longer it takes the longer my mind has time to adjust. I just wish I could fully convince myself of this when the scale doesn’t show me a big loss.

It’s just a relief recognizing that a day off plan does not equal quitting.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that for once I have absolutely no doubt that I am going to reach my goal. It’s just a matter of time. I’m not in any great hurry. Sure I am excited to live life at a healthy weight, but I’m also enjoying life at this current size.

Shopping 2 sizes smaller is FUN. Walking up a hill without needing to slow down for breath, AWESOME! It’s just going to get better and I am going to get THERE!

Definitely headed in the right direction . . .


Small stuff. . .


It occurred to me that I often discount the small stuff. For months, little weight losses seemed so meaningless. Add them all up and here I sit, 20lbs lighter. This realization has given me hope that I can look at those tiny losses and know that they are slowing pushing me towards 30lbs lost.

By small stuff, I also mean little mini-workouts and seemingly meaningless changes. Drinking a water instead of a sugar beverage once a day. . .parking a little farther from the front of the store. . .but really every last one of those little decisions is registered by your body. I have no doubt that my body appreciates them!

I also find it ironic that while I discount THOSE small things. . .I worry about other small things. For instance, I have trouble with guessing the amount of points in things. Instead of just giving it my best guess and being content with it, I feel like my entire week is a lie. Did I really stay in my points? If I guessed too little, perhaps I actually went over? At the end of the day, I should realize that even going over by a little on occassion beats the pants off my old diet. Goodness only knows how many points I was eating then!

Well, I am off to work! I have my little bags of snacks measured out and ready to go! Hopefully, I can curb the urge to hit the vending machine!

✿ ❀✿ ❀✿ ❀✿ ❀✿ ❀✿ ❀ ✿ ❀✿ ❀✿ ❀✿ ❀✿ ❀

Just an update on the BLT pizza! I’m pretty sure that all of my readers are my facebook friends. I posted a picture of the BLT pizza last night. I loved it. Here is the recipe again!

I made the following changes.

  • Used 1/2 cup light mayo instead of 1/2 cup fat free mayo
  • Used 12 pieces of turkey bacon instead of 6
  • Used 3 oz of 2% shredded cheese
  • Used the ranch packet to taste instead of just 1/2 teaspoon

My version of course added more points. . .9 instead of 6. I thought it was worth it to have bacon and cheese in every bite. Definitely a keeper! Now I’m on the hunt for another good recipe or two to try next pay!!


The weekend is just about over.    Are you feeling triumphant?  Or like you are fighting a losing battle?   I wanted to make a point to post today.  I’m in a weird little slump.  I’m no where near defeated but I have had 3 ho-hum days.  . and honestly one of them was downright BLAH!  I will spare you the yummy details. . . .I’m sure you have cravings all your own without getting a mental picture of mine!

So what good can I take from it?  Well,  I had some of my favorites.  I don’t feel like I overly indulged in any of them which is good.   I just didn’t keep track of points. . which almost makes me feel like the week is a wash.  How can I tell how many ‘bonus’ points I have left?!?  My solution is to assume that I ate all those bonus points and just do my daily allowance.

What can I say?  One night, a dinner date with my husband and no kids?   Another night, dinner with my parents at one of my favorite restaurants?  These weekends are gonna happen, folks!

The nice thing about having several of my favorites is that I don’t have a craving for them.  I’m sure they will creep back in . .but for now the nice healthier fare is calling me! 

Now I have three days before my weigh-in and I intend to diligently keep track of my points.  Plus I need to get in some exercising!  I’m not expecting the whopping 3.5lb loss like last week.  I’ll be happy with 1/2 a pound gone.  I suppose I’d even be happy with no loss at all.  And I will survive if there is a gain. . . .

AND last but certainly not least. . . It’s Spring!!!  Officially!!   I’m ready for some walks around the block!  I want to throw open some windows and catch a cool breeze!  I want all kinds of fresh produce to fill the grocery stores and farm markets and the gardens!  I’m even looking forward to planting some flowers!

So whether you are going strong or feeling guilty,  the weekend is only two days out of seven.  Make the start of this week strong so that if you have a little hiccup next weekend you can look back and say “But I ROCKED all week! I’m awesome!”

I am hoping to do a giveaway in the next few weeks.  A free random drawing where one of my readers will win my favorite walking DVD.    Coming soon!!

Also if you scroll down some . . .there is an option to leave me a little comment.  It excites me to no end and I announce to my husband that someone is actually reading what I write!!

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Thanks for reading!!

In the past,  I’ve had an all or nothing approach.  If I fail today, I better scrap the whole week and start over on Monday.  I better not eat that cookie or I may not lose as much this week.  I won’t participate in this snack day at work because I’m trying to lose weight.

I wanted to lose as much weight as possible as fast as possible.

Recently, I remembered that I used to track my weight on this website called  I logged back into and was pleasantly surprised to see that I had lost 20lbs since November of 2008.  It got me thinking. . .if I lost 10lbs a year for 10yrs. . .I’d be 100lbs lighter by the time I’m 40.

Now clearly, I want to lose more than 10lbs in a year.  That being said, I’m done obsessing over every bite.  Sure, I would lose plenty of weight (not to mention much faster) if I skip cookies all together and I avoid parties and snack days.  Great. . . .but I know that I can’t give those things up forever. . .I just can’t.

I am going to have days where I don’t eat perfectly.  . .heck, I’ve had weeks since I started this (and it’s only been 12 weeks!) that I haven’t been so committed.  

 6 good days +  1 bad day beats 7 bad days.

In the past, I have cut out all ‘bad foods’ and exercised religiously.  I lost weight!  Shocker!  After denying myself all those ‘bad foods’ for so long,  I caved. . and then felt guilty. .and then ate and ate and ate and ate and gained all that weight back.

It is my hope that having a more relaxed approach will give me more time to make these changes stick.  Also, I am hoping it will teach me to have the proper attitude towards food.  Well, what I think is the proper attitude.  . . .That no food is good or bad . .just some foods deserve to be eaten on a regular basis and others need to be sprinkled in.

This is just my approach.  I’m just trying to learn from my past attempts at weight loss.


****** is a free site.   Basically I just put my weight in it every so often.  I just like seeing the graph.