Weigh in day has arrived! 

My weight loss/gain for the past week was  +.2 lbs. . . . For a total of. . . .   -12.2

 Yup that’s right . . .I gained .2lbs 

I’d say I had 3 spot-on days, 3 days that were pretty good, and 1 that ran way off course.

I earned 13 activity points during the week doing Walk Away the Pounds.

The PMS monster struck this week.  Hopefully, next week will reflect all the effort put in this week.  

My mini-goal for next week. . . .  I am going to drink a glass of water every day, increasing each day. 


….. (¯`v´¯)♥
…….•.¸.•´       “I am not judged by the number of times I fail,
….¸.•´                 but by the number of times I succeed.
… (                    AND  the number of times I succeed
☻/                        is in direct proportion to the number of times 
/▌♥♥                 I fail and KEEP trying.”   -Tom Hopkins
/ \ ♥♥

 I have always used Monday as my weigh in day but it just didn’t work for my week.  Weekends are notoriously hard with many many opportunities to eat out . . and while I know it’s possible to eat healthy while dining out. . .who wants to!  Bring on the appetizers!

Thursday and Friday seem to be my REALLY tough days.  I spend 10 hours sitting at a desk which means utter boredom and I think we all know where that leads.  I like having my weigh in on Wednesday.  If Thursday and Friday don’t go as well . .and/or the weekend acts up . .I have Sunday-Tuesday to buckle down.

I think it’s important to really analyze your week.  It’s unreasonable to expect the same out of every day.  Different days present different obstacles.  Expecting yourself to be flawless regardless of what the day brings is just setting yourself up for failure.  

For instance, since I know I am proned to snack on Thursday and Fridays, I allow myself to snack on certain things as much as I want without counting and without guilt.  There is the standard rabbit fare but also pretzels and low-fat microwave popcorn.  But just on those days!

 I’ve noticed a drastic difference in my attitude since adopting this policy.  I don’t have that feeling of guilt when  I get home from work on Thursday and Friday.  I don’t find myself running to the vending machine or eating a big lunch.  And when I get home, I’m not feeling starved.

It’s really a  bad-better-best way of thinking.  It would be best to follow my plan to a T.   Allowing myself the pretzels/popcorn/veggies is better than chips, candy, and fried goods from the lunch caterer.  Some days, I just have to settle for making the better choice . . .

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